Denis Clark

Dennis Clark, owner and lead instructor of Florence, Italy’s Body Language Pilates, was certified in Pilates Mats and Apparatus by Katie Roelle’s Body Reformation in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002.

“Being surrounded in Florence by art, I’ve come to consider teaching Pilates as viable an art form as any other medium. My beginners are like blank canvases with the image becoming more complex and intriguing as their level advance. Like a sculpture, each body presents a unique set of textures and contours. The major part of my teaching method is to bring along each participant’s body, including my own, as a work of art.” – Dennis

She now trains and certifies new teachers in Pilates and keeps her studio bustling with regular classes, seminars and organizing related events. After 30 years as a photo/food stylist in Atlanta, Dennis moved to Florence following a decades-long dream and stays active in ex-pat and art study groups.