Laura McDonald

Laura is originally from Las Vegas, NV and has been living in Florence for over 12 years. She came to Florence to study interior design, after working in the field for many years she decided to follow her love and appreciation of vino.

The wonderful old world wines produced in Italy inspired her to begin studies towards becoming a sommelier.

“In 2009 I began courses with FISAR, a highly respected and internationally recognized association of sommelier of which I am an official member. I have been working in wine and food tourism ever since then, taking happy clients all over the Tuscan region. In my many travels throughout the Italinan and European wine regions I have had the opportunity to discover many new and exciting wines. Because of this I wanted to share this with my friends and clients. I love visitng a wide array of wine producers and merchants to see what is new and exciting. This is my passion.” – Laura

In addition to to the above mentioned, Laura also works at the fashion house of Salvatore Ferragamo so my passion really extends to cover wine and design.