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Resolution review

It’s been a couple of weeks since we all spotlighted the things we want to change about ourselves and formed them into neat, well-intended resolutions. So, how are you doing on yours? As a yoga instructor working full time in a yoga studio, I enjoy watching the month of January bring dozens of new yogis, signing up for classes and memberships. An enjoyable dichotomy of perplexed and humble looks around the room and complete surrender with gratification. Some will come back on occasion, fitting yoga into the many group exercise spots they enjoy. Some will go back to their couch. And some will have found something profound that they are ready to see- themselves.

As the New Year rung in, I reminded my yogis of their dharma. We all have intentions, goals, and desires. The realization of those deepest desires is our dharma, the true nature of YOU realizing your potential. Your dharma is not something that you need to make up, search for, or begin on a certain day of the year. You already are that person. You already have those tools. With the new year only just begun, let’s wake up to what we have already been endowed with. What is there underneath the dormant layers? What works to spark your potential? What makes you truly happy and even lights up those around you? As we awaken to this, there is no need to sprint away from last year’s experiences and ways of being. Reflect on them, grow from them. Revel in the fact that while you can not change the past, you can use it to inform the present moment and the future.

Resolutions tend to not have a high success rate due to a very important factor: Resolutions call upon our willpower to change something that does not come innately with ease or has not formerly been a pattern of behavior. So we seek to begin, full steam ahead, pushing through with will and desire into new ways of being. The problem is that will and desire are fickle friends. Our longstanding patterns creep in or win over. And when this happens, we feel defeat. Dear ones, we have set ourselves up again.
Goal setting and pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone is a good thing. We should seek to grow and better ourselves, so when we experience what may feel like failure, we must look harder. We must draw from the deeper well of who we are, not who we think we should be.

This year, don’t resolve to change yourself, resolve to BE yourself. Seek the divine within you everyday.
Just in case it’s time for a do-over, I’ve made a new New Year’s Countdown for you. Let go of some of the pressure and struggle and make room for new experiences and new ways of defining success and growth. In the style of things you might do and experience on a big NYE night out, here you go: