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What is a Miracle? - Inspire Travel

Ask most people if they believe in miracles and you will get a mixed bag of answers. Believing in miracles is somewhat common. Holding these beliefs is not limited to certain age groups nor is it restricted to certain religious denominations or a religious affiliation.  Many will say they witness miracles everyday. 

I personally believe in miracles. I believe that a miracle is energy. We have the ability to create movement and love in our very own existence. The power of love, hope and forgiveness are all gifts to us and with them we can create shift in our lives. We can give ourselves to our communities, charities, families and nature and create positive change.

I have found that in my own life when I made the biggest mistakes and asked for the largest miracles it was all of my own doing that created the change. The power of free will is the most powerful gift of all. Our capability to gain consciousness and strengthen our inner voice is the way to create miracles everyday. 

Meditation and manifestation are everyday tools to self create miracles.  When we all challenge ourselves to always do the next right thing we are limitless forces of positivity to everyone and everything around us.  The day break every morning is a miracle, your child’s smile is a gift from the heavens. I have to constantly remind myself when times are confusing, difficult or simply sad that we witness miracles everyday. 

We are boundless sources of energy… give yourself the gift of self care and unconditional love and miracles… let them just happen.